Tuesday, December 13, 2011

15 minutes (Part 3)

I feel a force
I can feel the colors of your voice
Forest green and warm 

Atoms become particles
My thought is in my center surrounded by the universes of space
Everything in a forgotten reality create

I missed you
Even before I knew you could even exist
Atoms of identical form become shapes
My arms
My legs
A likeness of your face was the first I saw
I recall a reality around me
One I had lost forgotten
In another existence

I am huge
I take in the forms of the room
I cannot see with my eyes
I have only perceived in my mind

I find my body is being held in your arms
I may cry with the joy to find it was all a dream
I may cry with elation that it is you
And you are by my side

15 minutes (Part 2)


Something changes
Something is wrong
I hear a voice and know it is my own
I call out
Fix this situation!
No conception of what I am
I call out!
The situation is relieved
My first dealing with pain

Legs swarm from my vision
I fear I’ve lost my mind
What a waste!
Cruel fate!

Monday, December 12, 2011

15 minutes (Part 1)

An atom in this universe of identical parts
I am thought
This is existence
This is harsh

I think therefore I am
I am therefore I am alone
Let this change!
Can there be a moment other than this?
I can only fathom what I know

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My One-Night Stand

I think the reason I love Sam is that he is forever interesting.

 **I have always fallen for interesting people.
My world perception is a box. The box is “forever interesting”. When I am introduced to a new experience, I see if it fits in that box. If the experience does not fit in the box, I abandon the experience.

So this has me thinking something is fitting as forever interesting (until I determine it does not).

                     In this way, one time I went out with a different box and tried to fit someone in “a boyfriend” box: it turned out to be one of the worst experiences of my life.

My Almost Boyfriend

Cade was my almost-boyfriend. We never were "in a relationship" but in a situation with facets of a relationship. Cade and I finished when I decided I was in love with Sam-
        Cade and I were having a fight about it, and he expressed sadness over not being “the one” for his last girlfriend either, I think he said, “When can I be the one?”
     We had great times; ours was the one relationship (only almost-boyfriend) of which I have no regrets.

  I never loved him (he just didn’t make it).